Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some Reason That Having Sex is Delight

Studies show that sex is not only good for reducing stress. However, it also impacts for beauty. If you are the type that are lazy if he too often took the sex, the reasons below can be a boosters for many cuddle with him. According to a study from Scotland, having sex three times a week can make the appearance look 4 years younger. These activities can also encourage immunity and reduce the risk of heart disease. There are also advantages in terms of beauty, of whom follows;

1. Helps reduce wrinkles
Stress hormones and Antistress alternated taking over your body. Sex, especially when it reaches orgasm, the body undergoes three hormones beta-endorphin (a kind of pain killers), prolactin (makers a sense of relaxation), and oxytocin (creator of comfort and want to cuddle). Endorphins and growth hormones flood the body after orgasm, helps the body repair sun damage, smoking, and cortisol, which can only damage the collagen and create wrinkles. It takes only minutes, eliminating sex inflammatory molecules that can make skin look older.

2. Softens the skin
Ever notice your face after having sex? Cheeks flushed, rosy lips, and eyes that sparkle? Eyes that sparkle can last several days after having sex. When you sweat, the body's natural oils, such as linoleic acid, (moisturizer which is also found in safflower and olive oils) released, then lubricate and hydrate the skin cells.

2. Look fresher
Enough sleep and satisfying is the beauty of free drugs, and sex is an activity that helps a person to sleep more soundly. The chemical that makes a person feel more comfortable going to stay a few moments after orgasm and help her fall asleep more quickly and soundly. Sleep is very restorative after having sex, more radiant face, free eye puffiness. Adding sex ritual before bedtime will help your sleep problems too.

3. Burn the fat
Even without reaching a climax, making out and having sex could mean a lot heartbeat and blood circulation increases, as well as organs and blood to flood your skin. Regulate breathing pattern helps control stress and transmit oxygen throughout your body system. Sex burns calories the same as when lifting weights or running. Flirting alone is using at least 30 facial muscles. You burn 8-12 calories per minute when making out (more than walking for a minute).

Those are some reasons why you should not lazy anymore when your husband invite you for having sex. If you are bored and want something new, try to use sex toys. Buy it at erotic shop like Hot G Vibe. Use a dildo or vibrator to make a different sensation.

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