Thursday, December 22, 2011

Arginine and Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide (NO) produced by the body tissues and has an important role in the cardiovascular system, immune system and nervous system. NO is formed from arginine supplements play an important role in the activities of anti aterogenik. NO will inhibit attachment of mononukleus cells, platelet aggregation, vascular muscle cell proliferation, production of superoxide anion, and can improve endothelium dilatation. The sticky of leukocyte, platelet aggregation, proliferation of vascular muscle cells, endothelial dysfunction and oxidative stress are all part of the process aterogenesis. Besides the enzymatic role in the formation of NO, l-arginine also has the ability of anti aterogenik. NO formation has a positive effect on tendon healing process, small intestine mucosa, burns and damage other cells. In addition, arginine has anabolic effects antikatabolik or in the process of protein metabolism, immune response and proliferation Tues In clinical studies indicate that the grant of arginine and other amino acids in nutritional therapy will provide significant benefits in patients who wounds and patients with immune disorders. l-arginine is an effective anabolic nutrients that can reduce the catabolic effects are common in cancer patients more level. Provision of short-term arginine or long term will increase the production of NO endotelial and increase endothelial function in preventing the occurrence aterotrombosis. In preliminary studies in humans and experimental animals indicate that the grant of either oral or l-arginine infusion would improve endothelial vasodilation, inhibits platelet aggregation, and in the long run will reduce atherosclerosis.

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