Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Persian Rug

Among the different types of rugs, there is a rich history for Persian rugs. They were once highly regarded for their beauty and exquisite designs. Even today, there is huge demand for them. There is something different about Persian rugs. Surprisingly, they were made using hands. When there was no use of machinery for producing rugs, Persian rugs became famous. Some people make the rugs from generation to generation. To be specific, these rugs were usually made in the countries like Iran, Turkey, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.

Let's talk about some distinguished traits about Persian rugs. They were usually made using silk, wool, and cotton. The ones made by silk are considered to be most valuable. The design usually highlights flowers, historic monuments and many more things; and are identical in most cases. However, there are some exceptions as well.

Despite the fact that rugs are now being produced using machines, the demand for antique rugs is always increasing. Not surprisingly, the price for these kind of rugs is quite unbelievable. People who wants to boast off of their properties, or people with artistic taste often buys antique rugs. When it comes to Persian antique rug, it is not about art or style only. It is also meant to be an investment because of its high value; as the price of an antique item does not fall as days pass by. Persian rug is no exception.

Antique rugs including Persians, are usually bought and sold in auctions. If you want to buy one at an auction, you should have an idea about antique rug before. Without a proper knowledge, you may end up losing huge amount of money. Besides, it is also important to have a good look at the auctioned rug to verify whether it is original or not. Moreover, you ought to have a liking for the antique rug you are going to make bid for.

The main objective of having a rug is to add style or art to your decoration. Persian rug does its best to provide you with an excellent look of your room. It does not only add value to your collection of artistic equipments, it also says a lot about your taste and likings. However, it may happen that an expensive rug cannot improve the look of your room. Contrarily, a simple antique rug may have an artistic touch to the beauty of the room. It happens because of one reason. Your rug must match the other furniture or artistic equipments of your room. If it does not, then you cannot expect a better look than that.

To conclude, any antique rug is special. However, the Persian rug is something more. It is more than special because of its intricate artistic design, durability and high value. It is always a profitable venture to have in your possession a Persian antique rug.

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